Product range

Company Schimpke produces cooling units for the most different and individual requirements of the customers. All designs can be modified and changed to follow the highest demands of the customers. Special solutions, example extreme environmental conditions or for special media can also be considered as specification of ultra-compact and economic systems. In order to give you a better overview of our different and possible systems (power classes are not relevant):

Which media to cool:

  • Oil (also polluted)
  • Emulsion
  • Water (also water with additives or de-ionized water)
  • Air (for example air inside electrical cabinets or compressed air)
  • Special media

Which systems to offer:

  • Single- and multi-level compressor-chillers
  • Air-cooled cooling systems with axial or radial fans
  • Bypass flap systems
  • (summer/ winter regulation)
  • Water-cooled cooling systems
  • Multi-circuit systems for same or different media
  • Multi-circuit systems with independent regulated cooling circuits
  • High-precision cooling systems (also with multiple circuits) for example application in climatized halls
  • Capacity-regulated cooling systems for energy efficient utilization and high-precision processes
  • Capacity-aligned cooling systems with electronic expansion valves
  • Ultra-compact immersion cooling systems for clean or polluted media
  • Heat recovery systems of all kinds
  • Systems for sea-water and sea-air
  • Plenty of special systems

Which (special) require­ments serve our systems:

  • Extreme environmental conditions
  • All Special operation voltages and frequencies
  • Special provisions and company standards
  • Special varnishing (varnishing in our own factory!)
  • Fixed value or differential regulation (single and multi-circuit systems)
  • Regulations with Profibus or programmable controller
  • Open and closed media systems
  • Various/ independent pump constructions
  • Direction control valves inclusive regulations
  • Entire flow-heater systems
  • Environmental-friendly components
  • Special material for
  • example for aggressive media
  • Signposting and
  • instruction manual in
  • any foreign language
  • Installation of the cooling systems inside electrical cabinets
  • Plenty of special designs

If there is no divergent requirement, systems of company Schimpke are mainly plug-in units ready for connection, directly developed and produced in our factory in Haan. Previous to delivery every system has to pass through an extensively check and quality inspection on one of our in-house test plants. During this process we will even mind least specifics, so that we will comply with your highest demands in quality and reliability. In the fact of our durable and reliable systems, the comprehensive documentation of the examination results completes our conformable accuracy.

Further details you can find in our catalogue.